Pokemon go can be play in any android phone and you can download it the pokemon go on that link If you have not play the game yet then its the high tiem for you to play .. its at the hype peeople are crazy about it. Wherein every big malls from any country around the world . they have some big events just for this pokemon go

Okay let’s face it we love Pokemon Go, in fact it was very phenomenal when it was released. People are really crazy about this mobile game and thanks to the creator of android and ios mobile game. Businessmen from Pokemon company are really innovative to get the taste of the millenials and so they have created the Pokemon Go mobile game. If you are a fan of Pikachu you may wondering how to get him in Pokemon Go.

There is a big issue that puzzled Pokemon players if they could start playing Pokemon go using Pikachu. Some other games you can easily Pikachu to be your starting Pokemon. Well, if you are lucky there is a way to have Pikachu as your starter Pokemon when playing Pokemon Go. Although according to the experts you need to do some tricks to make your wish come true.

And According to forbes.com it catch 3 billion Pokémon in a week. so if you are going to thnk of that number its really a stagerring one which mean the popularity is unprecedented

While playing on a Pokemon Go and you felt like its forever. Of course, you really want to get Pikachu on the screen of your mobile phone. Well, let us just go back what is happening in the past. Before the game was available in all regions of the planet, People who are dying to get hold of the game can easily access the game download for free in the Google Play Store and App Store. Bad news for UK version since it was delayed few times, this is because of the continual crashes on server this is because fans are flooding over a limited server. Nonetheless the game became a hit to all Pokemon fans and mobile game lovers. Although there are some reports that people encountering accident because the players must need to get out from their house and walk somewhere else just to locate the areas where the Pokemon is hiding.

Okay for starter after you have downloaded the game in your mobile phone and open it, you get to choose your first starter Pokemon. You have three Pokemon to choose from Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur which are visible on your map and tapping one of these Pokemon will be your first starter in the game.
Nonetheless, if you don’t want these free choices and you just have to walk away from these choices, you will be given a chance to get Pikachu which will appear instead of the 3 free Pokemons mentioned earlier. As soon as you walk away from those Pokemons, they will soon fade into thin air and there will respawn on your map in a specific region. By avoiding the area where these Pokemons are visible using your map and avoiding them many times, then later you will get to use Pikachu as your first starter Pokemon. Pikachu will appear on your map then you can tap it and you can begin your game and quest.

And right now they have a new release the pokemon ultra sun (which can be play in computer using the

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